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Blachford Lake Lodge
November 1, 2021
Yellowknife/Blachford Lake,
Job Type
  • Starting at $20/hour


Blachford Lake Lodge is an upscale Northern fly-in wilderness resort, located 100km east of Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories. In the heart of the Canadian wilderness, the lodge is comprised of 5 lodge rooms and 5 guest cabins. While at the lodge, guests can enjoy a variety of seasonal activities as well as the best Northern Lights viewing in the world. Winter guest activities include, but are not limited to cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, skating, ice fishing, hockey, handicrafts, wildlife tracks, aurora viewing and other winter activities. In the summer guest activities include, but are not limited to fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, shore lunches, fall aurora viewing, and hiking.

As the Expediter, it is your responsibility to provide expediting services to ensure the timely purchase and supply of goods to a remote wilderness lodge. You will be responsible for the planning, booking and coordination of air charters to the lodge and assist in many aspects of services in Yellowknife to ensure the continued operations for the lodge. You will provide guest services at departures and arrivals at air charters. You will assist in related special projects as requested by the Lodge Owner.

It is your attention to details and commitment to first-class service and hospitality that will provide all guests with a superior Blachford Lake Lodge experience. You are passionate about Canada’s North, backcountry wilderness, eco-friendly and sustainable living practices, and you enjoy sharing experiences with guests. You make each guest feel welcome and strive to make them each feel special, comfortable, relaxed, safe, taken care of, and right at home. You recognize that each guest is an individual and has unique needs, values, and behavior styles. It is your mission to understand and learn about each guest on the site so that you can find ways to add value to their individual experience at Blachford Lake Lodge. You recognize that some guests may appear “high maintenance,” but you see these people as an opportunity for you to practice your patience and understanding so that you can contribute positively to their vacation.

You will work closely, in partnership with the Lodge Manager, Chef, Expediting team, and Office Staff to complete your job.

To be provided prior to starting the position: Criminal Record Check, Drivers Abstract, and Class 5 license, proof of COVID Vaccine.


Your job responsibilities include but are not limited to the following.

Expediting: Receive orders from the Lodge Manager

  • Purchase, order, package, and label goods for the Lodge
  • Liaise with a wide variety of vendors in Yellowknife and elsewhere
  • Liaise with the Chef on grocery orders to provide delivery instructions to the vendor, confirm receipt and if needed purchase some grocery items
  • Provide information to the Lodge Manager on delays in supply of goods requested
  • Receive and deal with goods from the Lodge such as garbage, recycling, items for repair, water samples
  • Assist in determining fuel needs in cooperation with the Lodge Owner and Lodge Manager Order fuels (propane, gas, diesel and pellets) in liaison with the Lodge Owner and Lodge Manager
  • Maintain inventory of fuels for space available on air charters if financial flow allows
    • Fuel orders all done by Lodge Manager

Logistics: Monitor Excel Booking and Additional Notes spreadsheets from the Office to determine aircraft needs

  • Plan and book air charters based on information from the Office Manager, Lodge Manager and Lodge Owner
  • Prepare passenger and freight manifests for aircraft to send to Air Charter Companies and designated Lodge staff. Manifests to be done 48 hours prior to departure
  • Provide the BLL team with weekly air charter status emails especially for freight space available
  • Ensure efficient use of all air charters
  • Receive weather report from the Lodge Manager for the pilots
  • Provide Lodge Manager with actual departure time via phone call as per BLL protocol
  • Provide advice to the BLL Team on air charters such as choice of aircraft, freeze up and breakup, aircraft capacity, aircraft prices.

Guest Services:

  • Manage and maintain the inventory of winter clothing for guests traveling to the lodge in the winter
  • Maintain order and cleaning in the winter clothing room
  • Provide winter clothing at departure to guests or deliver to the guests’ hotel based on advance information on rental requests from the Office.
  • Receive returned clothing and dry, maintain and clean including regular laundering of the small items (mitts, hats and neck warmers).
  • Greet guests at aircraft base and provide interpretive and informational comments to guests.
  • Tag departing guest bags with Lodge room luggage tags
  • Liaise with air charter staff, pilots and ramp staff for final manifests of passengers and freight.
  • Assist guests to board the aircraft
  • Greet returning guests’ aircraft, provide local information, receive luggage and call taxis or liaise with other transportation services. On occasion, provide transportation for guests.
  • Assist with booking additional touring and accommodation, when necessary (such as result from aircraft delays due to weather)

Contractor, Volunteer and Staff Services:

  • Liaise with incoming volunteers and staff to provide winter gear and information on aircraft departures when needed
  • Liaise with the Lodge Owner, Volunteer Coordinator, Lodge Manager and Office Manager on space on aircraft for contractors, volunteers and staff for departures, returns and breaks in Yellowknife

Financial responsibilities:

  • Purchase or order goods as requested
  • Provide invoicing and payment requirements to vendors

Risk Management:

  • Reflect at all times a commitment to risk management and safety
  • Report any unsafe conditions to the Systems/Operations Manager and follow up to ensure that they are taken care of
  • Always air on the side of caution
  • Demonstrate good skill and safe practice when operating all company equipment

Team Work/Communication:

  • Communicate with all staff on a daily basis about upcoming guests, and groups
  • Resolve team conflict respectfully and effectively


  • Genuine Care
    • Demonstrate high levels of energy and enthusiasm at all times
    • Take time to understand things from a guest’s point of view
    • Interact with every guest in a friendly, professional, caring manner
  • Anticipatory Service
    • Ensure that you are well prepared for the needs of each guest and group
    • Understand that each guest, and group has come to Blachford Lake Lodge for a different purpose. Ensure that you do your best to be prepared for these specifics and do your utmost to deliver on guest needs and wishes.
  • Professionalism
    • Provide friendly, personal and efficient service that exceeds expectations
    • Be ready and anticipate any guest questions and requests that may arise
    • Be accurate with all information you provide
    • Be well-groomed at all times
      • Blachford Lake Lodge attire is required for working hours
    • Accountability
      • Take responsibility for following through and ensuring that all requests are met with a viable solution that exceeds guest expectations
    • Staying Connected
      • Keep in tune with community and lodge activities and express personal interest in the lives and experiences of each guest

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