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Family and Children’s Services Facilitator (f/t)

Inclusion NWT
March 19, 2021
Job Type
Family & Children's Services


Purpose of the Position

Family and Children’s Services offer a variety of services for families which include an individual with a disability and individuals. The services provide support, information, a chance to share experiences, and activities to encourage increased inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of community life.

Services are driven by needs identified by the families of those with disabilities.  Services include respite (planned relief to parents and caregivers caring for a family member with a disability), family support and information sessions; social networking opportunities for children and young adults with disabilities and training and advice for those working with children with behavioural and other challenges. There is also a role for the service to ensure that families have access to current, accurate information that will support decisions about services, activities and funding available for individuals and their families.


Key Responsibility Areas

Duties are shared and some or all of the following may be assigned to the incumbent.

  1. Supporting a network of support services for families
  • Facilitating Family Group Meetings including contacting families and arranging child care
  • Implementing information sharing opportunities for families
  • Informing families about the various services within Family and Children’s Services
  • Assisting families who are having difficulties accessing services
  • Advising families of upcoming workshops, conferences, and other information opportunities
  1. Supporting the effective delivery of a respite service for individuals with disabilities and their families.
  • Assisting with training of the Respite Workers
  • Participating in the recruitment and support of Respite Workers
  • Meeting with families to determine the kind and level of respite support being sought
  • Assisting with the determination of the needs of the family and the best possible respite worker for the family through a team approach
  • Recommending referrals to other agencies if needed to ensure that their family member with a disability is getting the best possible support
  1. Providing information, activities and planning that supports the active involvement of individuals with disabilities and their families in community life
  • Implementing activities that promote inclusion
  • Conducting research in support of service gaps or areas identified as challenges or opportunities
  • Liaising with co-workers, families, partners and stakeholders as required
  • Implementing activities which provide information as identified by families.  Such activities may include, but are not limited to, workshops, discussion groups, and information pamphlets
  1. Providing information, activities and supports for those working with individuals with disabilities
  • Working with community partners to provide information, ideas and advice about supporting individuals with disabilities
  • Working directly with other service providers to offer direct support and knowledge transfer to other staff about strategies and techniques
  • Providing workshops
  1. Outreach and direct support to individuals affected by FASD and other disabilities
  • Provide one on one support for individuals affected by FASD and other disabilities including assistance with paperwork and supporting as requested in meetings with third parties.
  • Facilitate referrals to other community services
  • Liaise with other Yellowknife community agencies to identify and support and to make referrals
  • Support awareness activities
  1. Documenting and reporting
  • Establish and maintain files for each client
  • Maintain intake and exit records for each client
  • Maintain worklog as requested by the Manager
  1. Assist with or lead the planning and facilitation of Social Group sessions
  • Plan and lead co-facilitated group sessions
  • Plan and implement age appropriate activities for each group sessions
  • Maintain contact with participants
  1. Other responsibilities
  • Working collaboratively with staff of other services operated by Inclusion NWT and supporting an integrated approach to services.
  • Assisting with the development of proposals
  • Attending all internal and external meetings as required
  • Other duties as required


Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of the issues and challenges facing individuals with disabilities and their families
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences and the ability to develop relationships with individuals of various cultural backgrounds
  • Strong interpersonal skills and facilitation skills. The ability to develop positive working relationships with individuals, families, community partners, service providers, and co-workers
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and the knowledge of and ability to communicate effectively in plain language
  • Research skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills and the ability to prioritize.
  • Advocacy and conflict resolution skills.  The ability to advocate for individuals and families while maintaining positive relationships with other service providers, community partners, and systems.
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team

Education, Training and Experience

  • College diploma in a relevant field
  • At least 2 year’s experience in a related field
  • Experience working with individuals living with FASD or other disabilities

Company Info

Inclusion NWT provides lifelong support for individuals with disabilities and their families in the NWT, since 1962.

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