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Recreation Manager

Deline Got'ine Government
December 6, 2021
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Department of Community Wellness


The Recreation Manager reports to the Director of Community Wellness. He/she will manage, direct, supervise and coordinate various recreation programs and special events for the Community; plan, direct and supervise the work of full-time and part-time staff; access funding; manage the department budget; facilitate programs with other organizations and departments; and provide administrative support to the Director of Community Wellness.  The Recreation Manager will ensure facilities and equipment used for programs and activities are clean, safe and secure.


  1. Ensure recreation facilities and equipment used for programs and activities are safe, clean and provide an appropriate environment for recreation activities

Main Activities

  • Communicate with Director of Local Services regarding Arena usage,
  • Communicate with School Principal for School Gym usage,
  • Inspect facilities and equipment before and after programs,
  • Ensure facility policy and regulations are adhered to,
  • Monitor the use of recreation equipment and facilities.
  1. Plan and develop sport and recreation programs in order to ensure that activities and events are made available for all community members

Main Activities

  • Assess the recreation requirements of the community,
  • Communicate with community members to determine their needs and interests,
    • Research sport and recreation programs, funding sources and project requirements,
    • Access funding and prepare funding proposals,
    • Ensure a variety of sport, recreation and cultural programs are planned and implemented,
    • Ensure recreation programs and events information is available to public,
    • Develop recreation and sports organizations,
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and identify areas where new programs are needed,
    • Support other organizations in the planning and implementation of community events and programs.
    1. Implement recreation programs to ensure that residents have access to sport, recreation and leisure activities

    Main Activities

    • Schedule activities, facilities and volunteers as required,
    • Supervise and lead activities, particularly for youth and elders,
    • Recruit, train and oversee volunteers,
    • Assist with and facilitate local involvement in regional and territorial programs and competitions,
    • Supervise Recreation Assistant,
    • Supervise casual staff.
    1. Administer recreation programs to ensure that programs are delivered within guidelines and budgets

    Main Activities

    • Prepare a recreation plan,
    • Prepare the recreation program budget,
    • Prepare financial and program reports,
    • Be familiar with legislation, policies, procedures and rules about sport, recreation and cultural activities, events and competitions,
    • Distribute information about regional and territorial participation and competitions,
    • Record information on and prepare reports concerning community programs, costs, numbers of participants and equipment and facility use,
    • Provide monthly and yearly reports about recreation programs and opportunities,
    • Ensure that all programs and activities are implemented according to relevant legislation, policies and procedures.

      5. Promote recreation and sport programs in order to ensure that residents are aware of available opportunities and activitiesMain Activities

      • Coordinate an active community relations campaign to promote recreational and special events,
      • Arrange for advertising of programs,
      • Maintain constant community liaison including contacts with local, regional and territorial sport and recreation organizations.


The Recreation Manager would normally attain the required knowledge, skills and attitudes through completion of a Degree or Diploma in Recreation Management and/or completion of the Community Recreation Leader Certificate Program with related recreation programming experience. Equivalencies will be considered.

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