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Youth Support Worker

April 12, 2021
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Reporting to the Associate Director of Programs and Operations, the Youth Support Worker (YSW) is responsible for assisting young people ages 12-24 transitioning into adulthood and independence. The YSW works out of the Home Base Youth Dorms (formerly called Hope’s Haven) and supports youth to have increased independence, allows youth to reconnect with important people in their lives, and to function more successfully in the community, all while residing in a safe and supportive housing environment.

We are hiring for a position at 20 hours / week (Wednesday and Friday from 4 pm - 10 pm, and Saturday from 2 pm - 10 pm). We are also hiring casual/on-call workers. Please state what you are applying for in your application.


  • Work with all youth in the Youth Dorms by connecting with educational, employment, housing, life skills, addictions, mental health and other resources in the communities
  • Actively support the practice guidelines, program goals and expectations of Youth Dorms set out by the Key Navigators
  • Support the development of the service and transition plan 
  • Work with the youth to identify social, recreational, and educational services in the community that will meet their needs
  • Provide direct daily contact with each youth in the program
  • Participate in any contact with service supports (guardian, YHSSA, Justice, School, Employers, etc), other professionals and supports involved with the youth as appropriate
  • Ensure the youth is involved in the development and ongoing review of their service and transition plans with an emphasis on developing skills (i.e. life skills, communication, problem solving, budgeting, and behavior management) in natural teaching situations
  • Participate in  Case Conferences according to program expectations (30 days after intake and monthly ongoing)
  • Ensure a safe space for all including 2SLGBTQQIPAA+ individuals
  • Connect with the youth in community settings 
  • Attend and participate in weekly/as needed meetings with supervisor
  • Adhere to the Child and Family Services Caregiver Discipline Agreement
  • Ensure the cultural and spiritual beliefs of all youth are supported
  • ensure the cleaning is completed as per the cleaning schedule at the building
  • Cook meals for the youth and provide snacks during snack time
  • other duties as requested by supervisor
  • Supervise youth to ensure they are safe and following the guidelines of the program
  • Supervise youth in all common areas and ensure that boundaries are adhered to at all times
  • Provide supervision that is appropriate for the youth’s developmental age
  • Participate in the youth’s transitioning into the program including orientation to the facility 
  • Ensure youth are provided with necessary information about routines, schedules and expectations
  • Be welcoming and take initiative to make youth feel comfortable in the new space 
  • Recognize potential emergency situations and intervene when necessary
  • Analyze situations accurately to mitigate risks
  • Ensure safety risks are identified and the appropriate intervention is applied
  • Complete safety plans with youth where appropriate
  • Develop strategies to deal with potentially dangerous situations; i.e., suicide threats, AWOL’s, youth’s aggressive behavior
  • Assess, evaluate and plan to prevent crisis situations whenever possible
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safety precautions dealing with environmental working conditions such as potential verbal and physical aggression
  • Demonstrated capacity to implement suicide risk assessments, appropriate safety planning and response
  • Actively support the mission, vision and goals of the Side Door Ministries
  • Work collaboratively with other staff within the organization
  • Actively participate in team meetings, professional development activities, staff retreat and other Centre activities
  • Work in partnership with other community organizations
  •  Document youth’s progress in their electronic file 
  • Report all known instances of the youth’s non-compliance to the youth support system (guardian, YHSSA, Justice, School, Employers, etc.) when required
  • Document any other reports as directed by supervisor


  • Punctual and reliable
  • Strong social and emotional skills
  • Strong communication skills necessary to confidently communicate with youth, coworkers, supervisors, people in the community, professional people, law enforcement, court workers, education workers, etc.
  • Experiencing working with youth, youth who are experiencing homelessness, youth who have experienced varying levels of trauma, and youth with disabilities(ies)
  • An understanding of homelessness in Canada, homelessness interventions, and factors that lead to homelessness
  • An understanding of racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and various forms of descrimination
  • An understanding of the history  of  Northwest  Territories  including  impacts  of  colonization  and  residential  schools
  • Prioritize cultural safety and cultural humility
  • Basic computer skills, the ability to read and write on software including Microsoft Word and Google Docs
  • Experience writing case notes
  • Experience coordinating case conferences
  • Ability to collaborate well with others
  • Ability to respond with empathy
  • High level of adaptability
  • Confidence in crisis and emergency situations
  • An equivalent combination of relevant education (college diploma in youth work, social work, or university degree in social work related field) and relevant life experience (lived experience or previous work experience in this field)
  • Speak and write in English

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