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A Life In Pieces

From the June/July Issue of EDGE YK: Paul Andrew was born on the land in the Mackenzie Mountains and raised in a strong Shuhtoatine Dene family, until the day he was ripped from his parents and sent to residential school. Here he tells the story of “Joe,” a character based on his own experience, and how he came to cross the divide from hate to forgiveness

Category Culture

Dene Stylin’

From the June/July EDGE YK: From museum collections of clothing and accessories to Hollywood’s red carpet, Kyla Kakfwi-Scott explores the ways politics, artistry and the land have influenced Dene fashion then and now

Category Culture

Gho-Bah/Gombaa: The First Light Of Dawn

From the June/July Issue of EDGE YK: Dene singer-songwriter Leela Gilday started probing what reconciliation could look like for people here. The result, one of the territory’s largest-ever arts projects is taking over downtown on National Aboriginal Day, with a preview show at NACC on June 17

No Excuse

Sponsored by the Department of Health & Social Services

Category Culture

Meat Creep

From the April/May issue of EDGEYK: Is Yellowknife really the place where vegetarianism dies? EDGE YK food writer Amy Lam explains the politics and the passion behind what she chooses to eat

Category Culture

Two Weeks of Pink

From the April/May issue of EDGEYK: Jess Dunkin Goes on an Adventure in Eating Discounted Food

Category Opinion

Blanket Truths

From the April/May issue of EDGEYK: Maggie Mercredi is helping City hall staff learn some hard lessons about residential schools and other painful aspects of Indigenous history. It’s a good first step

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