Category Opinion

Forget 2017

From the February/March issue of EDGE YK:  Let’s dive into the future for a dispatch on how Yellowknife is faring during the Trump presidency

Category Politics

Edgitorial: New Blood at City Hall

From the February March Issue of EDGEYK: No pressure or anything, but Sheila Bassi-Kellett’s appointment as Senior City Administrator is good news

Category Opinion

On EDGE: Drowning in Water Licences

Meaningful consultation with Aboriginal governments about big-ticket development projects has become impossible. Alex Power explains why

Category Culture

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Aging, ailing parents, long distances, and hard choices. It’s an emotionally grueling equation many Yellowknifers must try to solve. Joanne Stassen ponders the grief and the guilt that arise.

Category Opinion

How YK Turned Its Back on the Water

“Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.” It’s the unofficial city slogan, and it may explain why we have surprisingly little public access to our main geographical feature

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