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Mark Rendell

Mark Rendell writes about city politics and territorial politics from a Yellowknife angle. When not bringing you the cut and thrust of YK civics, he enjoys rummaging through the archives for tasty morsels of history and answering those ‘I wonder why…’ questions you’ve always had about Yellowknife.

Podcasting From The Land

Eugene Boulanger gets his first hosting job, presenting a collection of Indigenous tales about land and connections.

Analysis: Race For Premier

The contest for the top post in the territory may have some new wrinkles, but it will still come down to backroom deals.

Northlands Nears A Happy Ending

As the extensive construction project comes to an end, the CMHC looks set to start granting mortgages again, while the monthly levy comes in lower than expected.

Another Shot at the 50/50 Lot

While ideas for a library on the empty lot are presented to the public, admin pushes forward with the original plaza plan

Farewell, C-Shaft Headframe

A controversial symbol of the city's history, of a legacy of hard work, death and unparalleled contamination, is coming down.


Exit Interview: Wendy Bisaro Speaks Her Mind

Retiring after two terms, the MLA discusses her successes and failures, the big issues facing the next assembly, why there are not enough women in territorial politics, and why some of her colleagues should be working ha

Yellowknifer: The Bicyclist

No matter the weather, GNWT employee Rob Thom can be found on his two-wheeler, pedaling the roads of the city and its environs.


The Incumbent: Mayor Mark Makes His Case

Along with his positions on hot-button issues, Mark Heyck cites successes during his term, such as increased communication with residents and a territorial government municipal infrastructure review that will hopefully p

Yellowknifers: The Coffee Maker

In the first of a new series of profiles of citizens from all walks of life, we meet Rami Kassem and learn about his voyage from the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon to Franklin Avenue’s main meeting place

Turkey Neck on Duck Lake

Yellowknifer discovers a whole new kind of frostbite. Things get weird, and (warning) pretty fowl

Yellowknifers: The Animal Rescuer

There are your average dog-owning pet lovers. Then there are those who walk with wolves in Transylvania, take blood samples from harp seals and entirely overhaul animal rescue in the North, like Nicole Spencer

Cyber Revolution Takes on City Hall

Is a Yellowknife e-democracy initiative going to usher in a new age of truly representative municipal politics? Or will it create robot councillors and fraud-ridden votes?


Frozen Out: Homeless at Sub-Zero

<p>Shortcuts, Listerine, warm companions: Part 1 of’s Life Outside series follows a chess-player making his way through Yellowknife’s chilly streets</p>

Yellowknifers: The Off-Gridder

Wade Carpenter is a houseboater, a bluegrass player and solar power guru. Living on the lake while working for the GNWT, he straddles two civic realities

Yellowknifers: The Nurse

Lesley Muyres, born and raised in the city, has lived a varied life. She’s been a flight attendant, a banker, a wildlife management consultant, and is now a nurse in Stanton Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit

Yellowknifers: The Language Learner

A rising talent, 21-year old Jacey Firth-Hagen is a one-woman Gwich'in revitalization campaign, an avid arts volunteer and burgeoning broadcaster

Yellowknifers: The Prospector

Buddy Mercredi is one of the last of the grand old bush guys. He remembers the rough and tumble days of Yellowknife when mining was king. Now it's "Little Ottawa" he figures, a place to wait around until he can get back

ICYMI: Yellowknifers: The Bush Man

Larry Galt lived a wild life out on the land, and in town. Now the adventurer has sobered up, but he still loves this rough and friendly part of the world

Inquiring After Berger

Forty years on, asking the man who headed it about the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry's legacy, his memories, and what's different now

Yellowknifers: The Hunter

In a life packed full of hard work, adventure, drag-racing and selling cars, Tony Vane never met a bear he didn't shoot

New Hope For CKLB

The GNWT offers a possible funding solution for the "voice of the North"

Yellowknifers: The Yogi

Making the many benefits of yoga accessible to unexpected audiences is Krystal Thompson's mission

On the Ledge: It’s a Wrap

What the assembly accomplished this time; plus a domestic violence death review, ice road mayhem, Hollywood North and more

Culture Tip: Sinister Oculus

Dark themes and multimedia improvisation will be key elements of this innovative Yellowknife group's show this coming Saturday.

EDGEYK Tip: The Bass Invader

Felipe Gomez is on a long "Bike and Bass" tour across Canada. This Saturday, you'll get a chance to listen to his prog world music at the Snow Castle

Trash Talking: Squabbling Over the Dump

Has the City's working relationship with the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board gone off the rails over remediation plans for the dump? Public documents suggest yes

Yellowknifers: The Paddler

In her 34 years here, Cathy Allooloo has taught a generation of northerners how to enjoy adventuring in the outdoors

The Streets Lose Another

The man who died this Easter weekend was a well-liked member of the street community from Gamètì

Yellowknifers: The Lawyer

Lawyer Sarah Arngna'naaq is a fly-in prosecutor with some experience of how a life can go off-track

A Cold End: Death by Exposure

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but a recent death may be the latest example of a fatal trend in Yellowknife and across the North

Local Hero: An NWT Super Man

An attempt to create a Canadian version of the Avengers has a Yellowknife connection. And a snazzy latex outfit. And an evil Nazi nemesis


GNWT Boosts Arts Funding

As corporate funding dries up, a new $450K program is a much-needed shot in the arm for arts and cultural groups like Folk on the Rocks


Living With Arsenic

A new study finding contamination in lakes near Yellowknife may not be all that surprising. But it should prompt a public conversation about what living next to Giant Mine really means


Parking in Old Town Raises Concerns

Is it time to impose some order on the increasing popularity of Yellowknife's most tourist-friendly neighbourhood -- and new attractions like the Woodyard Brewpub?


YK Hood by Hood: Old Town

<p>Yellowknife's most famous neighbourhood is actually a collection of many wildly varied areas, from the DIY shacks of the Woodyard to Latham Island super-mansions</p>


Kam Lake Camp Canned

In a lightning-fast move, City Council shuts down the Stanton Hospital mega-project's proposed worker camp. What happens next?


Women's Society Bids for Housing First

As the Feds kick in an extra chunk of cash, the organization behind the Centre for Northern Families is the only bidder on a major contract to manage the City's homelessness program


BID Goodbye, For Now

As the Business Improvement District concept falls out of favour, a raft of new ideas look set to hit a Council wish list


Housing First, Finally

After much delay, a project hoping to house 20 homeless Yellowknifers within three years gets off the ground


Youth on the Run

<p>How did two people escape from the North Slave Young Offenders Facility last week? They walked through an unlocked front door. Why was that door unlocked? EDGE explains</p>


Yellowknifers: The Celebrity's Chef

<p>From Halifax to Kandahar to Yellowknife, Kim Burke has cooked up a life full of adventure and encounters with well-known faces from Dame Judi Dench to the Trailer Park Boys</p>