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Laurie Sarkadi

Laurie Sarkadi is an award-winning writer, producer and editor of EDGE YK magazine. She moved to Yellowknife as the Edmonton Journal’s northern bureau chief then spent 16 years telling northerners’ stories through CBC radio and television. Her non-fiction appears in Canadian Geographic, the Globe and Mail, Room magazine and the anthologies: Dropped Threads 3 and Kitchen Talk, and she fronts the local dance band Wake Up Hazel.


Farewell, Ice Lake Rebels

The locally-shot reality TV show has been cancelled. A look back at its missed opportunities, troubled relationship with the truth, and genuine benefits to the city.

Yellowknifer: The Courier

As Kim White gets your Christmas packages delivered, she learns a lot about the city's inhabitants and their on-line shopping habits.

Fred Sangris: ENR Mismanaging Caribou

Former chief says outgoing minister Miltenberger’s handling of the Bathurst Caribou Herd, along with charges of illegal harvesting against four Yellowknives Dene, have created great distrust.

YK, meet

An introduction to our new online subscription platform by EDGE YK magazine's editor.

Salt on the Roads

It's a necessary part of keeping drivers safe through icy winters. Or is it? Laurie Sarkadi wonders.


The Spiceman Cometh

Etienne Croteau joins the city's restaurant renaissance, bringing his love of international flavours and spices to our booming dining scene


Blanket Truths

<p dir="ltr">From the April/May issue of EDGEYK: Maggie Mercredi is helping City hall staff learn some hard lessons about residential schools and other painful aspects of Indigenous history. It’s a good first step</p>