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Matthew Mallon

The Editor of, Matthew Mallon is a writer/editor who spent those all-important years of 9 to 15 living on Matonabee Street. He attended Mildred Hall, William McDonald and Sir John Franklin. Since then he's worked in Asia, Europe and B.C. He currently lives in Trail's End.

Where the (Draft) Beers Are

An epic and ill-advised pub crawl through the city’s drinking establishments, in search of the perfect draft pint.


The Music of Our Leaders

A local DJ asked the NWT federal candidates for some music picks. We see what the results tell us about the candidates, if anything.


City Briefs: How To Get Action From the GNWT?

<p>At Council, a debate breaks out on how to pursue long-sought, long-delayed legislative changes from the territorial government; and a climbing wall at the Fieldhouse takes another tiny step upwards</p>