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Elaine Anselmi

Elaine is a freelance journalist from Toronto, often found in other parts of the country and currently based in Yellowknife. She avoids being at a desk as much as possible, so you’ll probably run into her on the trails or at the coffee shop. Feel free to share your stories.

Yellowknifers: The Volunteer

Marino Casebeer has worn many hats in town, from site prep at Folk on the Rocks, to gathering census data, to jack-of-all-trades on a TV shoot.

Yellowknifer: The Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer Ryan Stout has been based across Canada and deployed abroad, and happily applied for a posting here in Yellowknife last fall.

Yellowknifers: The Greeter

Tom Holst has cooked for the Queen (kind of), had drinks with the Oilers and probably welcomed each and every one of you into Walmart.

Yellowknifer: The Dancer

Co-founder of the Collective Soul Space, Johanna Tiemessen says an underlying piece of the many hats she wears is bringing people and ideas together.

Yellowknifers: the Innkeeper

Hosting everyone from adventurers to scientists and international travelers, the guests at Faith Embleton's B & B have left behind some great stories. And after more than 50 years in YK, she also has quite a few of her o

Yellowknifers: the Alcoholic

Recently returned to YK, writer Andrew Livingstone's on the wagon, waking up happy and surrounded by a supportive community he may never leave.

Yellowknifers: Da Barber

Ragged Ass barber Jimmy McGaughey says, six years in, Yellowknife could be his long-term stopover.

What To Do When You're Busted Up in the Bush

With hiking season comes an onslaught of slips, trips and falls that lead to minor and often not-so-minor injuries. Elaine Anselmi learned this first-hand, and talked to a few experts about what she should have done.