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Jessica Quynh Tran

Jessica is from Regina, SK. Not much of an upgrade, she quips, when asked about her stay in Yellowknife. Nonetheless, she is happy to exercise her inquisitiveness by writing about the North as one of EDGE's 2015 summer interns.

Game Night: A Trip To Ogre’s Lair

In the retail ruins of downtown, there's a place where you can gather to let your geek flag fly. A place where it's Ptarmicon all year long.

Come Hang With Us: A History of Pride

Over the decades, queer politics and activism have gone through some changes. As an older generation celebrates its remarkable achievements, a second wave of queer youth grabs the wheel and continues to drive.

Yellowknifers: The Searcher

A poetry-writing fuel truck driver, Derrick La Saga's journey here from small-town Newfoundland was tumultuous