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Ollie Williams

Ollie moved to the Northwest Territories from the UK in 2012. After a year in Fort Liard, he, his wife and their small, annoying dog moved to Yellowknife. He is a broadcaster and journalist specializing in Olympic sports and northern Canada.

The Woman Who Grew Overnight

In her mid-30s, Sarah Kalnay-Watson had a medical procedure that added three inches to her height, and changed her life forever

Player Down, Part Three: Lessons Learned

How did it happen? What could have been done differently? In the aftermath of an addiction that nearly destroyed him, Devin Hinchey and his parents talk about what the gruelling experience has taught them


Forget 2017

<p>From the February/March issue of EDGE YK:  Let's dive into the future for a dispatch on how Yellowknife is faring during the Trump presidency</p>


Cabin Radio Fever

<p>Is there listening room for a new, private radio station in YK that serves the whole territory? Broadcaster Ollie Williams thinks so</p>