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Those ’70s Stories: Gold Heists and Hijinks

After a series of odd jobs, young Glenn Smith landed employment at Con Mine in the winter of 1973, where one of his jobs was polishing gold bricks worth almost half-a-million dollars by today’s prices

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A Fierce Love

Tanya Snow’s mother would do battle against anyone to protect her young daughter from racism in Yellowknife. Now that little girl has grown up, and understands why.

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Paddles or Pickaxes?

We live in one of the world’s most thriving watersheds. But it remains under threat from the mining mistakes of the past. With major exploration projects spending $4 million on winter drilling programs, Tim Edwards wonders: can the environment, mining and people forge a healthy future together?  

Category Culture

Behold the Feral Children of Folk on the Rocks

From buying their own food to getting their first tattoo (henna, that is), being let loose at the annual summer festival is a right of passage for YK kids, says MICHELE CULHANE

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A Radical Transformation

Going from able-bodied woman to multiple amputee meant seeking out places to find healing and belonging. Sometimes, that place is Yellowknife, finds THERESE ESTACION

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The push is on to bring a polytechnic university to the NWT by 2024. Yellowknife is the logical place for its headquarters, but expect resistance from politics and old promises, says TIM EDWARDS.  

Category Culture

Artist’s Corner: Free-Style Beader

From blingy baseball caps to traditional moccasins, Dolly Martel’s sought-after designs are helping her give back to her community. Words by SARA SWAN. Photos by PAT KANE

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