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Jobs North

Why Jobs North?

Looking for a job board platform that caters to Northern Canadian employers? Look no further than Jobs North! Our platform offers a wide range of benefits that make the recruitment process easier and more efficient for employers.

With Jobs North, employers have the power to prescreen applicants to quickly accept or reject applicants and even allow the platform to automatically notify candidates via email without ever having to share your email with the candidate. Plus, our platform is tailored for Northern Canadian employers, with locally relevant schema markup and spam protection, making it easier for job seekers to find opportunities in their region.

Other Job SitesJobs North
Expose your email address to applicants, leaving it vulnerable to harvesters and unqualified candidates.Apply directly on our platform, protecting your email from exposure.
Pay per application or view.Unlimited applications and views on all listings.
No free option.Enjoy free 15-day listings.
Unable to prescreen or notify candidates of application status.Review and update applicant status directly on our platform, without exposing your email.

Employers can login here or create an account to manage their job postings.

Tips for employers

  • Keep your company profile up to date. This information is used along with your job listings to provide relevant jobs listings on search engines.
  • When submitting job listings try to fill in all the optional fields. This information is used in the schema markup for your job listings to provide relevant job listings on search engines.
  • One location per job listings. Filling the ‘City’ or ‘Territory’ fields with multiple locations like ‘Yellowknife/Norman Wells/ Remote’ will create invalid markup and will make your listings less visible to people searching for listings in your location and prevent your job from being sent to those who subscribed to job alerts for those locations.
  • Share job listings on social media with our easy to use links for additional reach.
  • Hosting a recruitment event? Be sure to submit your event on Events North and consider an ad placement on Jobs North prior to the event.
  • Add coworkers who can administer your company profile and add jobs on behalf of the company.
  • Text formatting: Header tags above h4 are changed to h4 and empty spaces are stripped from text for SEO and consistent formatting.
  • Job titles must only contain the title of the job for the position the candidate is applying to. Do not include job descriptions or details in the title of the Job. Doing so will make it more difficult for job seekers looking for a particular position. Admin may edit job titles to comply with this standard.
  • Emails: Avoid putting email addresses in the job description because it is more likely to get harvested by spammers.
  • If providing proof of a job posting is important for your record-keeping do it when the job is published, expired jobs cannot be viewed after they expire.
  • Use approved job titles from the National Occupational Classification (NOC)

Featured Jobs Benefits

Get your job noticed with our featured jobs! Our featured jobs not only have longer listing periods, but they also receive special treatment on our Jobs North platform. Your job will be highlighted on different pages, including articles and events, giving maximum visibility to our edgenorth visitors across the site.

Plus, your featured job will always appear at the top of the jobs board list. So, if you’re an employer looking for a little extra attention for your job posting, make it a featured job and watch the applications roll in!

Tips for job seekers

Sign up for Job North Alerts!

First, use Advanced Search to create a search matching your desired job criteria. Then click the ‘Subscribe To This Search‘ button to subscribe to jobs matching your current search criteria:

Email notifications with jobs matching your search criteria will be sent to you daily or weekly depending on your preference.

Can I use my Jobs North account with events and listings?


Events and Listings

Tips for a successful event submission


  • Provide links to your event website
  • Include the cost of the event
  • Include a featured image


  • Include your email address in the description. If you want to include an email address put it in the email address field provided for the organizer and the venue where it will be obfuscated on this site to avoid it getting harvested by spammers.
  • Request payments to email addresses
  • Post events longer than 4 days

Add an event

How do I feature my listing?

You can feature existing listings by clicking the next to each listing in the Listings Dashboard.

How do I feature my event?

Featured events are highlighted on the archives, and widgets across Edge North.

You easily can feature existing events by clicking the Feature’ link in the ‘PUBLISH STATUS’ column of each event in the Events Dashboard..

The event date must be a single event.

Can I use my events and listings account on Jobs North?

No. We currently recommend registering an separate employer account for Jobs North.


How are banners rotated?

When more than one banner is available in a campaign, banners are selected with equal probability. You can increase the probability of selection by placing multiple ads in the same campaign.

We’ll send statistics to the email address provided so you can see exactly how well your banner performed!

Publish your banner now


Does _EDGE publish sponsored content?

Yes! You can view past examples of sponsored articles here. We don’t run in-line ads on sponsored articles and we can support all kinds of embedded content. Contact us if you are interested in publishing a sponsored article with _EDGE.

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