City Briefs: this week’s municipal action features dogs and downtown

A Good Time to Be a Dog

Council voted to OK doggie daycares in four zones across the city: downtown, Kam Lake, the Commercial Services Area and the Limited Industrial areas.

However, in a nod to perturbed Kam Lake residents concerned that four-legged day cares might increase their neighborhood’s smell and noise, council added a number of hoops that prospective businesses will have to jump through to get approval.

They can only operate from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and they have to submit information about the number of animals, as well as the sound and smell mitigating factors they’re taking. All applications are “conditionally permitted” by council, which means council reserves the right to green-light or nix any of them.

50/50 Funding in Play

The downtown core could be getting a revitalizing dose of federal and territorial dollars after a Monday night vote by city council that approved a funding request devised by city administration.


As reported last week, the funding will pay for consultants and architects to develop a plan for the 50/50 lot project, and to conduct a city-wide market analysis ahead of the city’s new Business Incubation program.

“The project entails potentially several hundred thousand dollars in funding from CanNor and ITI ,with the balance of resources provided by the city as in-kind support,” according to a memo from city administration.


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