Fall of a Local Sports Titan

The Yellowknife co-ed broomball season has come to an end, with the Coyotes taking the final match against Fire Prevention two to one.

In a stunning development that has rocked the city’s sporting world, the leading scorer of the league, Fire Prevention centre Kevin Hewitt, did not score a single goal during the final matches against the Coyotes.

Hewitt offered no defense of his performance in the final matches of the mixed-league broomball season, telling EDGEYK.com that  “maybe it’s time to consider retirement.” He pointed out, however, that the final matches were relatively low scoring, with Fire Prevention only managing two goals. “The Coyotes scored five, but let’s not get into that,” he added.

Though still the leading scorer in the league, Kevin Hewitt, simply “did not bring forward the necessary effort,” according to teammate Damien Healy, by failing to score a single point in the three final matches of the season.

“Wayne Gretzky always brought his game to the finals, Kevin Hewitt did not. I question the comparison now,” said Healy. “He let down his teammates.” He added that not only had Hewitt disappointed his entire family, “he needs to reconsider his dedication to the craft.”


Hewitt responded by saying “Healy could’ve pulled his own weight in the finals. His line didn’t contribute too much.”

Hewitt also pointed out that “they (the Coyotes) were the young ones, we were the experienced ones, meaning they can run and we can’t. It just wasn’t our playoffs.”

There was talk on both sides of changes over the summer to the roster.

“We’ll be holding tryouts for average, middle-aged centers to replace Kevin when he is most likely cut from the team,” said Healy.

Hewitt agreed that it was perhaps time for some changes on the line-up, “whether that means getting rid of people like Damien Healy or trying to get them to improve.”


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