Planning to build? Why you’ll want to know about Energy Wall

The IS3000 (shown above) is designed for renovations. | Sponsored by Energy Wall & Building Products Ltd.

Whether you want to build a house, a cabin or an office – or simply renovate an existing structure – the Energy Wall Insulation System is the most efficient and cost-effective way to complete a building envelope.

The technology has been used in numerous construction projects across the North with great feedback from organizations and individuals for its thermo-performance.

The best part is you don’t have to be a skilled tradesperson to install it.

Whether you’re a weekend renovator or have never touched a power tool, you can do it. “There’s no customer we’ve sold this to who hasn’t been amazed by how easy it is to install,” says Manuel Jorge, the system’s inventor.

Jorge has been involved in the Northern construction industry since 1980 and has been refining the Energy Wall Insulation System since 1998. He and his wife Marta operate the Energy Wall & Building Products Ltd. display room and manufacturing facility at 15 Coronation Drive in Kam Lake.

Essentially, the system is a series of pre-fabricated insulated panels that fit together similar to Lego or a jigsaw puzzle, even at the corners. The system provides a continuous thermal break that minimizes drafts and heat loss, and is incredibly energy efficient.

Amazingly easy to install

In independent testing, the Energy Wall System posted a higher R-Value than a number of other insulating methods, including spray foam. “We’ve proved that you can save 40 per cent of the heat lost in a building,” says Jorge. “That’s a huge amount of savings!”

“Manuel’s come up with a product that is easy to use, easy to install and brings cost savings. Hands down, it beats anything on the market. You’d really have to try it to believe it,” says Kirby Marshall, who did significant research before choosing the Energy Wall Insulation System as part of a recent retrofit of his home. “Even the R value is better than anything else on the market. In order to get what you get from this in one layer, you’d have to double up. It’s remarkable. I love it!”

Today’s standard R-Value for wall insulation is R20, while the Energy Wall IS 4000 offers insulation as high as R33. While the overall cost is similar to the materials for traditional construction, the high R-Value and continuous thermal break constructed of NEOPOR®, Energy Wall keeps your home cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters as it reflects and absorbs radiant energy.

Because of the strategic design of the Energy Wall Insulation System, it also requires less labour than traditional exterior insulation methods as per R-value installed. That means your building envelope goes up faster, saving you time, which is incredibly important. It also means you get the best building practice approach in construction technology.

You can order the Energy Wall Insulation System at the Energy Wall & Building Products Ltd. facility at 15 Coronation Drive (see map below) in Kam Lake. Most orders can be filled right away and larger orders require a maximum of two weeks’ lead time. Visit for more details or call 867-873-5655 to find out how easy it is to use the Energy Wall Insulation System for the building envelope of your next construction or renovation project.


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