Summer’s nice, but I’ll take March, thanks

The sky’s bright and blue, the snow’s clean and white, and we’re crawling out of our caves into the evening light. It must be March.

Since arriving in Yellowknife more than 10 years ago, the castle’s been part of my yearly reawakening. I’ve attended dozens of parties and art shows and been the King’s official snowtographer. Three years ago, we even celebrated the release of EDGE YK’s second issue inside the castle walls.

I’ve long felt Yellowknife a great place to start things that likely wouldn’t work anywhere else, and Matthew Mallon’s definitive festival history proves this statement beyond doubt.

I’m always amazed when people tell me they’ve never visited the castle. If this is you, may this issue push you off your butt and onto the ice to check out this creative masterpiece. Whether you take the kids down for an afternoon or hit a live show in the evening, just do it. It’s worth it.

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Hail to the King,

Brent Reaney


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