Those ’70s Stories: Gold Heists and Hijinks

After a series of odd jobs, young Glenn Smith landed employment at Con Mine in the winter of 1973, where one of his jobs was polishing gold bricks worth almost half-a-million dollars by today’s prices

A Fierce Love

Tanya Snow’s mother would do battle against anyone to protect her young daughter from racism in Yellowknife. Now that little girl has grown up, and understands why.

Behold the Feral Children of Folk on the Rocks

From buying their own food to getting their first tattoo (henna, that is), being let loose at the annual summer festival is a right of passage for YK kids, says MICHELE CULHANE

Snickering Sun Salutations

SARAH PRUYS digs into the enlightening experience of laughter yoga

Artist’s Corner: Free-Style Beader

From blingy baseball caps to traditional moccasins, Dolly Martel’s sought-after designs are helping her give back to her community. Words by SARA SWAN. Photos by PAT KANE

YK Books: An Excerpt from Northern Wildflower, a Dene Memoir

Northern Wildflower is CATHERINE LAFFERTY’s courageous story about growing up in Yellowknife, struggling with discrimination, poverty, addiction, love and loss. Determined to build a better life for her and her children, Lafferty’s illumination of the real issues facing Indigenous women is raw, honest and inspiring


Squeezing every last bit of fun from a wet squib of a summer. Photos by ANGELA GZOWSKI

Danger! Danger!

Frans Barnard helps find peaceful solutions to death threats, riots and unrest in some of the world’s most imperiled places. He’s experienced some harrowing events, but still believes life isn’t as dangerous as people may think. Laurie Sarkadi sat down with him earlier this year for a conversation about what we’re so afraid of. Story by  LAURIE SARKADI | Photo by ANGELA GZOWSKI

A Perilous Paddle into Hidden Lake

Two parents, a toddler, pre-teen, husky and gear galore venture off together in a laiden canoe for their first backcountry trip together. What could possibly go wrong, asks MICHELLE SWALLOW

Dear Family: The Jill Kidder Letters

Correspondence from the mother of the late Margot Kidder – the YK-born actress famous for her role as Lois Lane in the Superman movies – shows Yellowknife at its dawn: a raw, rough place, with some surprising similarities to today’s city

The Toll of Pounding the Pavement

YK’s volunteer foot-washing program brings respite to the tired and tender toes of the homeless, finds SARAH SWAN. Photo by ANGELA GZWOSKI

Market Forces

Where you buy groceries in this city says a lot about you. MATTHEW MALLON mean-spiritedly reinforces some YK stereotypes

The Birth of a Throat Singer

The soundtrack to TANYA SNOW’s angsty teen years included Sum 41, Linkin Park and Evanescence, played loudly. Then a much older, more intimate musical form quietly took hold of her, she writes

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