Paddles or Pickaxes?

We live in one of the world’s most thriving watersheds. But it remains under threat from the mining mistakes of the past. With major exploration projects spending $4 million on winter drilling programs, Tim Edwards wonders: can the environment, mining and people forge a healthy future together?  

A Radical Transformation

Going from able-bodied woman to multiple amputee meant seeking out places to find healing and belonging. Sometimes, that place is Yellowknife, finds THERESE ESTACION


The push is on to bring a polytechnic university to the NWT by 2024. Yellowknife is the logical place for its headquarters, but expect resistance from politics and old promises, says TIM EDWARDS.  

Loren McGinnis’s Big Snip

COLUMN: the CBC radio host explains a recent decision, groin-wise

Short-Term Rentals Key to YK’s Future Growth

Airbnbs and traditional B&Bs need less regulation, not more, for Yellowknife to meet its hype as a tourist and conference destination. The first of a new Northern Economics series by SAM GAMBLE

Blanket Truths

From the April/May issue of EDGEYK: Maggie Mercredi is helping City hall staff learn some hard lessons about residential schools and other painful aspects of Indigenous history. It’s a good first step

Forget 2017

From the February/March issue of EDGE YK:  Let’s dive into the future for a dispatch on how Yellowknife is faring during the Trump presidency

On EDGE: Drowning in Water Licences

Meaningful consultation with Aboriginal governments about big-ticket development projects has become impossible. Alex Power explains why

How YK Turned Its Back on the Water

“Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.” It’s the unofficial city slogan, and it may explain why we have surprisingly little public access to our main geographical feature

Eating the SADness Away

Beware those comfort foods! Some advice from local-food advocate Amy Lizotte on how to beat the winter blues by consuming thoughtfully

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